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2021 Events

January: Newsmax TV Host Grant Stinchfield

January Exclusive Friends Event: Speaker Marjorie Dannenfelser, President: Susan B Anthony List

February: Bob McEwen, Executive Director Council for National Policy

March: Panelist Debbie Georgatos, Kevin Freeman, & Russ Ramsland Moderated by Don Huffines

April: Dr. Richard Bartlett "Covid Facts v. Science Fiction"


May: Clay Clark and Dr. Simone Gold


June:  Talking Truth About Critical Race Theory and Why it Matters

Debbie Georgatos, Author & Host, America, Can We Talk?

Kendall Qualls, Founder & President - TakeCharge/dedicated to opposing Critical Race Theory

Cicely Davis-Ireland, President, Blexit for Minnesota

Rebecca Friedrichs, President/Founder, For Kids & Country

Cameron Bryan, Carrol ISD Board Trustee


September: "Dallas Election Integrity, Government Accountability - What You Should Know"  | Michael Scarpello & Dallas County Commissioner J.J. Koch

October: Border Update - Victor Avila 

October Exclusive Friends Event : The Fight to End Human Trafficing in Dallas - Mr. Jaco Booyens

November: Sydney Powell - Members Only Event

December Christmas Dinner: General Michael Flynn - Members Only Event

2020 Events

January: Texas’ Energy Independence with Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick

January Exclusive Friends Event: Brian Kilmeade, FOX & Friends co-host, author, and radio show host

February: GOP Congressional Candidate Forum for HD 32

March: Election Fraud: via Facebook Live: Hans Von Spakovsky, Legal and Voter Integrity Expert, Heritage Foundation

April: Meet the Candidates Virtually, 2020 GOP candidate video interviews along the “virtual campaign trail” during Covid-19

shutdown. Interviews led by PCRW member Debbie Georgatos, host of America, Can We Talk? (posted to PCRW YouTube channel).

May: “Socialism Sucks” featuring SMU Professor Bob Lawson, co-author of “Socialism Sucks: Two Economics Professors Drink their Way through the Unfree World”

July: PCRW Member/ New Member Happy Hour and Candidate Meet and Greet, Cantina Laredo

August: “Uncle Tom,” Exclusive Friends Reception and private screening of Larry Elder’s documentary film.  Post-film panel discussion with Conservative Black community leaders:  Texas Rep. Party Chair, Lt. Col Allen West (Ret), Pastor Stephen Broden, Chad Jackson, Eugene Ralph, and producer Ryder Ansel.     

August: “Saving America Blood Drive,” PCRW and TFRW community engagement and blood drive for the American Red Cross at Dallas County Republican Party Headquarters.

September: What you need to know about the Texas Judiciary and Why You Should Care. Panel discussion with judiciary candidates led by Texas Court of Appeals Justice Bill Whitehill.

September:  American Women – American Freedom Conference: PCRW was  a Ruby Sponsor

October: Nick Adams – Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness founder and author of his newest book:  Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization. Hosted  Friends reception.

November: Member Recognition/ New Member Recruitment; 2021 PCRW Executive Board elections


December: PCRW Annual Christmas Fundraiser, Dinner featuring Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, Dallas Country Club

2019 Events

Sounding alarm, Dallas has a crime problem and it’s worse than you think, WBAP Radio Talk Show Host Rick Roberts and Officer Nick Novello: a focus on DPD officer shortage and delayed 911 responses

The Cast of Candidates for Dallas Mayor and Key Issues Facing the Texas Legislature: Erin Anderson, Empower Texans

Preventing voter fraud: Laura Pressley, PhD, Election integrity expert

What’s the prognosis for healthcare reform, Devon Herrick, PhD, HC expert

Special event sponsorship: Katie and the Woolf: Your Christian and Judeo culture is under attack, will what’s happening in Europe happen in the US?

Special event sponsorship: A threat briefing: 5G, Huawei and the Threat of China’s Digital Imperialism, panelist experts: Gordon Chang, Frank Gaffney, Kevin Freeman

Workshop: Operation Protect Your Vote Texas! Voter integrity experts

Workshop: Understanding the Threat- protecting US from terrorism domestic and abroad

December : Annual Christmas Luncheon featuring former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley!

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