ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Any Republican woman who is not a member of another TFRW Republican club. Membership provides you access to the monthly meetings, newsletter, and other community events throughout the year.

Fee: $100/yr

FRIENDS OF PCRW : Any Republican man or woman who wishes to receive access to exclusive events and receptions with prominent conservative guests of the club. The annual fee helps support PCRW financially in order to continue to support the local conservative community.

Fee: $250/yr


ASSOCIATES: Women who belong to another Republican Women's organization within the umbrella of TFRW, but wish to also be a part of our club. 

Fee: $60/yr

MEN (Associates): Any Republican man who wishes to attend the monthly meetings and speaker events. 

Fee: $60/yr

STUDENTS: Any Republican college student who wishes to meet other conservatives in the community and attend the monthly meetings.

Fee: $30/yr